Visionboard 2015


De kerstperiode is dè periode voor soul searching, meditatie, doelen stellen en bedenken wat het thema van het komende jaar gaat worden.
Ik heb meerdere manieren om dat te doen, kijk mee!

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Plog January 8th


I decided that it might be fun to post a photoblog (plog) once in a while. This one is from yesterday!

P.s. (I know this should be at the bottom of the post but I thought you mightn’t scroll down) I think I will be blogging in Dutch since I blog, most of the time, about Dutch products/diets/books etc. My international readers can, hopefully, use Google Translate to be able to read my posts. This will be one of the last posts in English (the recipes will stay English though).
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New Challenge | Bodieboost


In January I will be starting to run again but I will also start on January 6th with a diet: not to loose weight or tone up but just to give it a go because the method is down to earth and easy. The method I’m referring to is Bodieboost, a Dutch diet that focusses on three meals a day and a few snacks. It also has a few rules such as: snack twice a week, weigh in only once a week, love food & yourself etc. Bodieboost is not so much a diet as more of a lifestyle.

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Vlog | Re-enactment Series – Calvary Training

Yes, this is my very first vlog! I will be vlogging the event of next weekend and will upload asap next week. There will be more vlogs but for now it is only re-enactment related and this is the last event of 2013 so I will have to think of some other re-enactment related subjects…

If the video does not work, click here.