Challenges in January


Hope you all had a fab NYE, I did! A new year is not only for great new opportunities and good luck but also for challenges. This year I am participating in two: #Commit2fit from Girls love 2 Run and #JKRunuary from Just Keep Running.


In January the girls from GL2R challenge their readers to complete 15 workouts, not that much but their last challenge was to run 70k in December but this is January so they keep it easy. Every kind of workout counts: yoga, boxing, running everything! You can join the Facebook page and keep everyone up to date by a photo to prove you move or a comment stating 1/15, 2/15 etc.


The girls from Just Keep Running also a challenge for this month. They have divided their bloggers into teams and every team has two challenges you can choose from.  I participate in team 1 (the beginners) and will complete challenge 1: run 5k in less than 45min. JKR also has a Facebook page where you can join them and show your progress.


New Years Nike+ Badge

Besides these two challenges I also got a new Nike+ badge today. As you can see the distance nor speed is very great but remember that I haven’t ran in three months due to shin splints, so the 16:21 of running (minus 4min. walking) is something to be proud of! The run itself went quite good, it was the assessment workout from the Adidas training program to see what speed my maximum and everything in between was. This helps personalize the schedule and the coaching. And the best thing: it was pain free! Although my calves did become quite tight but there’s nothing yoga can’t fix!

In what January challenges will you be participating?


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