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In January I will be starting to run again but I will also start on January 6th with a diet: not to loose weight or tone up but just to give it a go because the method is down to earth and easy. The method I’m referring to is Bodieboost, a Dutch diet that focusses on three meals a day and a few snacks. It also has a few rules such as: snack twice a week, weigh in only once a week, love food & yourself etc. Bodieboost is not so much a diet as more of a lifestyle.

Charlotte Willems, who came up with Bodieboost, has had her struggles with diets, her body and food. To overcome these struggles she came up with this down to earth method and quickly shed inches and pounds. She advocates loving food, your body and not worrying about snacking or calories. The Bodieboost method has been around for a while but last month it launched a diet journal and a recipe book (to provide more recipes than the original book which contains about 70). Let’s look into the method.

DSCN0081 DSCN0085

Bodieboost divides food into five families: protein, dairy, carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables. Each day you are allowed to eat two servings out of every family (this helps you when you stop using the weekplans and start using the method on your own). There are also twelve rules

  1. Be positive
  2. Drink at least 1.5L of water or green tea a day
  3. Don’t drink too much alcohol
  4. Eat slowly and taste every bite
  5. Don’t go for seconds!
  6. Use vegetable oil
  7. Work out at least 180 minutes a week
  8. Stay away from coffee and soft drinks
  9. Snacking is mandatory
  10. Weigh in once a week
  11. Go out for dinner
  12. Tell no one you’re on a diet

Charlotte also stresses that you should not loose weight too soon or see every ‘not so good day’ as a failure: tomorrow is a new day and you can start over.

DSCN0089 DSCN0090


The meal plans are for a whole week: your lunch, snacks and breakfast are the same for a whole week (to make shopping easier) and there are seven recipes for dinner. For dinner you decide which meal you eat on which day. When you don’t like an ingredient you can replace it for a ingredient of the same family. For a period of ten weeks you follow the meal plans in order to let your body adjust itself, after that you can make your own meal plans or follow the plans in the recipe book (which has another 4 week meal plan schedule and many recipes to vary with).

DSCN0083 DSCN0091

Charlotte thinks that the best indicator for weight loss are your clothes and the inches around your belly. She finds the numbers on the scale not that accurate. This thought comes more to life when you look into the journal because this book is even more set on a positive relation with your body and food than the recipe book and the Bodieboost book. In the Bodieboost Journal you write down what you’ve eaten each day, how you felt on a scale from 1-10, how your day went and what you were grateful for. But before you use that part of the journal you can fill out an action plan with your goals, where it went ‘wrong’, and what your thoughts are on your body and food.

DSCN0095 DSCN0096 DSCN0097

In this part you also record how many inches you lost or sizes you dropped, plus you can record a photo of yourself in underwear to see your body changes. These photos (taken from the front and side) are meant to be taken every week so you can see the process of losing weight and inches. The journal also has motivational pages such as ‘how to forget about calories’, ‘failing a day doesn’t mean total failure’ etc.

All in all Bodieboost is a method targeted on a healthy lifestyle, positive thinking and loving your body and food. And that’s exactly why I am going to try it: I don’t need to loose a couple of pounds that much but I would like to have a more structured eating habit and more variation. The fact that it’s so down to earth & simple really helps me in wanting to try it! I’ll keep you posted and maybe share some pictures 😉

Charlotte also hosts Body Confidence days.

Bodieboost €14,95

Bodieboost Journal €4,95

Bodieboost Recipe book € 19,95

Disclaimer: I am not a certified dietrician and base my opinions and food choices on my own common sense. This diet is approved by Dutch dietricians and scientifically verified. 


2 thoughts on “New Challenge | Bodieboost

    • Deze week is een beetje moeilijk want ik ben jarig geweest en ga het nog vieren voor de familie. Maar, ik zit de hele dag aardig vol (geen honger), ik had niet gedacht dat een half bord wortelen als snack best lekker kon zijn en de avondmaaltijden zijn goed te doen. Zondag zal ik een update over de eerste week geven.

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