Thankful Thursday #10

Thankful Thursday Font

  • My ‘walk in closet/workout room’ has been cleaned, sorted out and decorated, in just two days! I only need something that will divide the room and hide the racks on which my clothes hang so it won’t distract me while working out, but that’ll come in the new year.
  • I rediscovered some clothes I haven’t worn in a long time and don’t need to buy new.
  • My sister will be quite happy with all the clothes I’ll be giving her. I started doing this the last time I went through them and she picked out a few items she liked and wears them a lot: she has new clothes that cost her no money and I get rid of them, win-win!
  • I decided that I had to wash my hair a lot less since washing it too much is bad for your hair and costs loads of shampoo. I now wash it twice a week and only need dry-shampoo on the last day and even then my hair is not too greasy.
  • My to-do lists for everyday are a great help for me to have a productive day: I finish them all!
  • Yoga has given me a nice muscle definition on my legs and arms.
  • I also started meditating after every workout to end them in a relaxed way and I love it. I used to hate meditating because I couldn’t sit still but now I like it. Even though it’s only 2,5 minute a time but you have to start somewhere, don’t you?

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