General Personal Update


Well, it has been a bit quiet here and that’s mostly due to school and work. Because although blogging is fun, I still have to graduate and make a living šŸ˜‰ Click to see what I’ve been up to!

First off the not vlogged re-enactment: I ended up not vlogging because I didn’t like using modern-day equipment while re-enacting the 1800s. Plus it was quite troublesome to vlog unseen for the public or other re-enactors. The weekend itself was great: the Dutch oven had its maiden ‘bake’ and the bread turned out a bit burned but was very tasty and the burned bits could be cut off. I also made sugared almonds twice which went great on the campfire, and everybody loved them. Later on I realized that the almonds had great nutritional value, nuts and sugar, just the quick fix a soldier needs!

575267_629225293785911_870669004_n 969487_629059867135787_1753266899_n 1457529_423042124491449_1730432654_n

After the re-enactment I had to work and study a lot. I bought a notebook to write down my goals education-wise and my to-do lists. The notebook is the most boring looking notebook I ever bought but it works and I stick to my lists.

Sports wise the last 1.5 week was not so great: no running because my shins still hurt so I decided to start running again in January. I did pick up yoga though so every morning I do a 30 minute workout. I plan to do 3 yoga workouts and 2 NTC workouts in the week and then rest (aka work) in the weekends with not too much jumping around to make sure my shins do not hurt. Until now it’s great and I was able to tick off the 4th workout this morning.

20131209_175137 20131209_175210

Last week I got my drivers license and which I picked up last week. In the weekend I celebrated Sinterklaas twice, once with dad and once with mum. I drove to my mum and it went great, my boyfriend had so much trust in my driving abilities that he went on wrapping Sinterklaas presents. I got some presents which I really wanted: winter running gear and a running cooking book!

20131209_175227 20131209_175308

Some things I also planned for the following few weeks and next year are:

  • New insoles (1 pair for my running shoes and 1 pair for my normal shoes) and I hope this will aid in recovering from the shin splints.
  • A few archive days for multiple courses.
  • Less working and more studying, I have to survive December but after that it’ll be not so hectic.

And now some blogging news. In the Netherlands there has been a new diet: BodieBoost which allows you to snack and contains easy recipes, meals and an online community. Now they’ve come up with a new recipe book and a dietlog. I will elaborate on it further is another article, which it deserves, but had to tell you already.


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