Thankful Thursday #8

Thankful Thursday Font

  • Self- reflective conversations with my boyfriend: I have set new goals and am more relaxed about them.
  • I found two wooden buttons so I could fix my gloves and make them history proof in time.
  • I found a little ‘pick-me-up’ for a friend and I’m looking forward to giving it.
  • The company I work for had discounts on jackets so I could buy a jacket that I needed, not one I really liked, so I won’t freeze or drown when it is bad weather while I help set up camps.
  • I bought a Dutch oven and I will bake bread this weekend, even measuring the ingredients makes me happy now!
  • The tailor who made my corset promised me that he would pack it where he could easily reach it so I could pick it up on Friday instead of Saturday and so avoid a tedious hassle with all my skirts.
  • I am looking forward to vlogging on the one hand but I am also a bit nervous about the fact that it could disturb the historic feel such events have… I will give it a go and see what comes from it!
  • I am really confident that I will be wearing the right amount and the most isolating layers this weekend so I don’t under-cool like I did in May this year.
  • Loved this quote ‘Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle’
  • I have fallen in love with the cooking series from Jas. Townsend & Son

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USC’s Gratitude Campaign


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