Early NaBloPoMo Recap

As you might have seen there was no Sports Diary on Sunday and although this week is the last week of NaBloPoMo, so how did it go and will I keep the daily posting up?

NaBloPoMo has taught me that posting everyday is great for your statistics but not so good for inspiration or blogging because you like it. I like blogging a lot but I don’t like it when I have to come up with a subject every single day, I don’t like it when I have to wreck my brain after a long day of work, school or something other to come up with a post. I don’t like it when blogging takes over my life so much that I put school second. And I hate it when I have to go running because I want to say that I worked out on the Sunday post, but sometimes you can’t go running ’cause your ill, have not enough time or don’t feel like it. And that’s all ok, it doesn’t matter as long as you feel like you do your best.

What I do like however is running again (although I have been/am ill again and therefor choose not to run this week in order to get back to health for the re-enactment event upcoming weekend). And planning stuff for the event, I will finally try some baking on a campfire so it’s going to be experimental! I am also quite nervous for my drivers exam on Friday, I have a lesson at 8:30, the exam is at 9:50 and when I’m done I jump in the car and we’ll go to the event. Before I have that driving lesson I have to take a last shower, wash my hair, braid it, vlog a bit and try not to be too nervous… I have no idea if I’ll pass but I never know if I pass anything: the times I felt that I did I failed and when I thought I failed I had passed so there’s no need to tell you how I think I might be doing.

I am looking forward to the vlogging but I am also new to it, you’ve seen my first one taken with my phone on Monday, so I’m curious how it all will go.

There will be no posts on Friday and ┬áduring the weekend and after that we’ll see, I want to keep the recipe, thankful Thursday and the Sports Diary and maybe one additional post but I have to figure that out first.


2 thoughts on “Early NaBloPoMo Recap

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