Post Workout | Showergels


I shower after a workout, as everyone does, but I have my specific scents for a specific time of the day. When I’ve worked out in the morning I like fresh scents, in the evening I like soft silky scents and the rest of the day I have just one favourite. 

DSCN0035 DSCN0036

We’ll start in the morning. After a early workout I like fresh, clean, minty, lemony, orangy scents. So my favourite showergels are Hammam Delight & Laughing Buddha. Hammam Delight is, as you can guess, a Hammam scent with ecalyptus and rosemary. Happy Buddha is a mandarin scent: you literally smell like a mandarin!


During the day I like to use Yogi Flow: Indian rose and almond oil, barely there.


At night I need a calming scent such as Zensation: rice milk and cherryblossom, it soothes immediately!

All these Rituals showergels can be bought for €8,00 at their stores all around the world or online.


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