Thankful Thursday #7

Thankful Thursday Font


  • I ran again! Plus side of this recovery thing is that I run on a soft underground in the woods, why didn’t I do that before?
  • I get better at designing things for the blog, check out the new social media buttons!
  • I am planning on vlogging the next re-enactment and I am already experimenting with editing and making video’s, so there will be vids on the blog over  less than a week!
  • Found the perfect Christmas dress!
  • While I was running on Monday I met a cranky old men, a horse rider and a few runners said hi, love it.
  • I do love my Yankee Candle wax tarts, they smell awesome.
  • My winter running longsleeve with fleece fits very good and is comfy (and it looks great).
  • I am hosting my first giveaway which launched yesterday and it was nice setting things up.
  • I am so looking forward to getting my new corset at the next re-enactment, it’ll be gorgeous!
  • I will receive a nifty running ‘hat’, which I will of course feature at the blog.

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