Review | Boekoeloekoe Vegetarian Burger mix + Giveaway


Yep, this is a vegetarian burger… Wanna know more or win the burger mix, click!


Boekoeloekoe is a Dutch brand which only sells this burger mix. On their website they inform us that the burger mix is for everyone who doesn’t eat meat once in a while but also for strict vegetarians. The Boekoeloekoe burger mix does not contain soy, E-numbers or colour/taste enhancers.

Boekoeloekoe collage

The mix is enough for 4 burgers and you only have to add:

* 50ml milk

* 80gr. cheese

* 2 small eggs

* 1 small onion

Then knead all the ingredients and make 4 burgers (or 2 when you’re hungry) an let it rest for 15min.. Then fry or bake them.


The taste is great! Boekoeloekoe doesn’t pretend to be ‘fake meat’ but it somehow tastes like meat but on the other hand it doesn’t taste like vegetables either: it’s spicy, not cheesy & a bit onion-ish. You really have to taste it yourself! And even my boyfriend, who loves his meat, likes it and is a bit sad that the other package we have is going to one of you 😉

You can order your package at Boekoeloekoe online for €3,50 or at their retailers.


And the best thing is: you can win a package Boekoeloekoe Vegan Burgermix! It will run from Wednesday November 20th 14.00 CET untill Wednesday December 4th 00.00 CET and is open internationally.

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Good luck!


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