Sports Diary #7

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A week filled with thesis writing, deadline tomorrow, work and no work outs! But I did started figuring out how I should start running again.

So I downloaded the Couch to 5k app and start all over again on, hopefully, Monday the 18th. My physiotherapist recommended I should ‘listen’ to my legs and not the rest of my body: if my legs ached I should stop even though I’m not tired. Because this is a sensible adivse but I somehow feel that I sometimes won’t get a full workout, I will, when this happens, go home and do an NTC app or another workout,

So, no MyASICS schedules and Nike+ goals, just starting all over again at a very slow pace. This might seem discourarging but I see it as a chance to finally running 5k, so it is not that bad at all.

Wednesday I was not wearing my compression socks to see how it went and, as I type this, I am halfway through the day and my ankles are not swollen so it looks good. On the other hand, today is a day of thesis writing and sitting around so it’s no surprise they seem okay, but I just don’t feel confident enough to try without my socks on a day where I have to walk much.

This week’s a bit boring sportswise but writing a thesis is not that interesting either, going over every sentence to make sure my message is understood in the right way… But on the bright side, it brings me a bit closer to getting my BA.

How was your week?


2 thoughts on “Sports Diary #7

  1. Injuries are the WORST! I have been injured for what feels like forever (and okay, the last month I could run as many miles as I wanted to without being worried about anything was February, so it really has been ages!) and am slowly losing my sanity haha.

    Hope you recover soon!

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