BlogHer Daily Prompt | First Name

Because it is NaBloPoMo BlogHer has a list of Daily Prompts you can use for inspiration: they have one for every weekday and in the weekends yo have to come up with posts yourself. I was scrolling trough the list and found a funny one for this day 😉

If you had to switch your first name, what name would you choose and why?

When I was little I always hated Nathalie and liked my last first name (I have three) better, which is Naomi,  but to this day I haven’t a clue why. I always thought that if I told people that my name was Naomi instead of Nathalie they wouldn’t notice because my initials still would be N.I.N. On the other hand, when the people that knew me as Nathalie would meet the people who knew me as Naomi, I was in big trouble so I didn’t follow through.  I think the reason why I didn’t like Nathalie is because most Dutch people can’t pronounce it right, French do, so I think I have to move there… And you can’t screw up pronouncing  Naomi, right?

On topic now, which name would I choose. First, the ‘had to’ in the question implies that it is some kind of emergency so I can’t go with Naomi, too obvious. I would go for Kim. When I say it out loud it doesn’t feel like my own name but that’s kinda something that is to be expected since it is not my own name. Kim has a nice feel though, it is short so easy to remember but also feels like a strong person: Kim is there, end of discussion. And I think a strong name is something you’ll need when you are in an emergency and have to change your name. So Kim it is!


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