Review | Believe I am Training Journal


Today a review of an offline training journal from Believe I am. This company is ran by two Olympic runners Lo & Ro and after having both successful careers they decided that all the mind tricks the pro’s use should be available for amateur runners. They created fun and girly products with original designs and loads of visual cues that come down to the main principle: tend your mental garden and you will achieve your goals. So does it work?

Visual cues 

The training journal is loaded with nice designs and every month has a different theme that you ideally should try to incorporate in your work outs that month. Believe I am is much about that mental garden and tries to alter the way you think in a positive way: you can achieve what you want.

Believe I Am 1 Believe I Am 2

The first photo is about setting goals and brainstorming: what holds you back in you achievements? And what do you want to achieve? The flowers are there to remind you of the steps you have to take in achieving that goal. What strikes is that Believe I am recommends a holistic approach: body, mind & soul. This approach is found on every page of the journal and reminds you that everything of your life has to be in balance in order to achieve anything.  The floral designs throughout the journal contain words, just look at the butterfly which says ‘I am’, every month has such a design.

Training and logging

Although the mental part of any sport is a huge factor in achieving your goals, so is the part where you work out and Believe I am has a great way of logging your workouts.


This is what the second page of every month looks like: a bit of information about the visual cue and your mental focus and lines to log your work outs, notes and week mileage totals. In the circle before my smilies you can enter your mileage of that particular run. Since I am not allowed to run, there is a lot of rest, but I’m picking up working out again. All the months have 31 days and you have to fill in the which month it is so you don’t have to start in January with this journal.

Believe I Am Results collage

Believe I am finds it also important to recap what you have done and achieved so there’s plenty of space to do that: recap your races, check in on your goals and write down what is important for you. Because I purchased a journal last month, I have no race recaps to show you, but the blank pages give you a pretty good idea. Maybe it’s fun to check in on this journal every month to see how I’ve been doing…


+ The holistic approach

+ The girlyness

+ Quick and easy way of logging

+ Positive thinking in a modern way

– $19,99 plus an additional $25,00 shipping fee for Holland

– Only online at Believe I am


Still five stars because you only have to purchase it once a year.


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