Sports Diary #6

Sports Diary Font

This is the third post titled ‘Sports Diary #6’ and that’s because the last two #6’s were a mistake and this is finally the right #6 (note to self: actually check previous posts before you make up your title and publish the post). This week was an easy week since I cannot work out too much but doing nothing is not my thing so I attended two gym classes and had a gym date with my boyfriend.

My newest schedule consists of not running, no rugby and every other day a rest day. I also wanted to explore more gym classes so I did that. I only will discuss the days I actually worked out since the rest of the days is not really that interesting.

On Wednesday I took a Les Mils bodyshape class and it rocked! This is an ideal combination between cardio and strength. The exercises were also quite evenly divided between standing up and on the floor. Since it was my first time I did not use heavy weights but the next time I will definitely grab a few heavier weights.

On Friday I went to a Zumba class. I’m not sure if I like Zumba… My hand/feet coordination is horrible and every time I finally understand how a step works, the teacher is two steps further, so it is very annoying. On the other hand, during the class I was sweating like a pig and afterwards I really felt like I had done a good work out. Besides, since I cannot run I need to get my portion of cardio. So I’ll give it a few tries and hope I’ll start liking it.

Quick leg update: the physio finds that if everything is stable and my legs don’t ache anymore in the coming two weeks I can slowly start rugby and running. But, there is a huge but, I need to listen to my legs: when they hurt, just stop even though the rest of my body is not tired or aching. So I’ll have to start running like I’ve never run before and see what I can do during rugby practice. 


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