Thankful Thursday #4

Thankful Thursday Font


So this last week was a strange week. A week where I had to take care of myself health wise, my boyfriend got a job interview, got the job and started working the next Monday, a huge storm in Holland and nice phone calls with my mom.

  • My physiotherapist who adapts her massaging techniques on my ability to bruise quickly.
  • Nice conversations with my mom.
  • Celtic Woman concert!!! (off the bucketlist)
  • My boyfriend got a job again!
  • Dizzle wants to go outside and really likes it. (we live in an apartment so we only have a balcony but if our cats want to go outside we go down and open the door, but only if they want it. Whiskey for instance hates being outside but loves the balcony).
  • My legs feel better again.
  • The new routine I have to make since my boyfriend is out all day is one I quite enjoy.
  • & planning dates with him.
  • Buying presents for Sinterklaas & Christmas.
  • I baked my own bread, I mean I really baked a bread and it was nice looking and tasted great!

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