Health update #1 | Bad-ish news

Health update

Just a quick update: as you might know I haven’t been feeling well, not running, tired, ill etc. Also my calves hurt very much and I had something similar to shin splints. So I went to the physiotherapist at the rugby club and I got some bad news: no rugby, no running, a visit to the GP (who suggested blood tests) and wearing compression socks on a daily basis. All because I have fluid (is that how you say it) in my legs.

Because of the fluid my calf muscle can’t relax after a workout which causes it to stay big and irritates my shins, so you rest for a week but that doesn’t help because the problem is not necessarily the muscle but the fluid (the muscle can’t relax because the extra fluid a workout produces is not taken away by the body). In the meantime the muscle looses strength too but you can’t notice it that quick, so you keep on working out and asking the same, or more, from that same unrelaxed muscle which only makes things worse.

At the moment walking and standing up hurt due to soreness and my GP thought I should have a blood test for diabetes, my kidneys and the thyroid gland. I also have to go to the physiotherapist determine what can be done. I am also very tired and nauseous at times and my energy levels have plummeted to a new low. I am confident that everything will be all right but I still hope that the test results won’t contain bad news.

Consequences for the blog

Not too much: I can still workout and keep you updated on my sporting activities. But I won’t be running or playing rugby. I will however go more to the gym, do my physio workouts etc.

I’ll keep you posted!


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