Sports Diary #4

Sports Diary Font

This week started off with a race in which I didn’t participate: I got ill the week before and on the race day it was pouring with rain and it was cold. So I was wise and didn’t risk getting ill again and missing rugby next Tuesday.  Click to see a short video of the start.

My friend did race that race but after the start of the 5k all other races were cancelled due to the fact that the paths in the woods were so wet it was getting dangerous, as you can see.

Tuesday was rugby practice and I started off with half an hour of abs before the training, I wanted to throw in another muscle group but we were training scrums so that would be a training where all the other muscles would be engaged like hell. After an hour of scrum and forward rucking we practiced line outs and, since it was my first time doing a line out, I would lift someone instead of jumping (see photo from a random match).

The rest of the week was spent with great muscle soreness and I didn’t work out much ( I couldn’t even get out of my t-shirt!). On Thursday I did some yoga but that didn’t last long (about 10 minutes) because of the soreness, work helped a lot though.


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