Bucket list and goals

Iedereen heeft wel een bucketlist en een paar (sportieve) doelen die hij of zij wil waarmaken. Vandaag dus geen Thankful Thursday maar een bucketlist, die ik ook als ‘pagina’ zal toevoegen en bijhouden. Daarnaast denk ik er over om te gaan bloggen in een taal: twee talen staat soms zo rommelig en een taal werkt ook prettiger.

Everyone has some sort of bucket list or (sporty) goals that he or she wants to complete. So today no Thankful Thursday but a bucket list, which I will set as a page and keep track of. I am also thinking of blogging in just one language: two looks so messy and one is easier to work with.


  • Get my PhD
  • Visit Paris, Florence, Venice,  Rome & Vienna
  • Donate blood
  • Get my cats to play with the app ‘Snapcat’ which allows them to take their own selfies and is fun (for me though).
  • Get my drivers license
  • Own a BMW Mini Cooper
  • Stick with a beauty routine more than a month continuously (applies also for (running) diaries and training schedules)
  • Go on a horse riding vacation
  • Learn French
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Do Bikram yoga
  • Go to the Oktoberfest in München
  • Sow my own skirts for re-enactment
  • Go to a yoga/zen/welness/whatever retreat weekend
  • Visit a sauna and try to actually be in one for at least 10 minutes
  • Go see Celtic Woman (aka go see Mairead Nesbitt live!)
  • Pick up Irish dancing again
  • Finish my BA thesis around April
  • Get accepted for a research master



  • Run 5k without walking
  • Run 10k
  • Get a sixpack (or at least a 4 pack)
  • Run 40k in a month



  • Create a routine to stick with and stick with it!
  • Don’t do too many sports at one time… (fitness, running & rugby is enough) except for trying out stuff such as supping etc.

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